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Easyline was born from a marketing oriented idea of the Pozzoli Group, operating in Brianza since the end of the seventies, as an authoritative production and distribution company, able to innovate its offer selecting from the world panorama an offer of functional and service products, great performance and above all accessible for the excellent quality / price ratio.

A line of products open to all. An original case history that sees the Brand develop a search for dynamic products for the furniture of the living-dining area and the enhancement of the space with contemporary multifunctional products, with a functional design.

Easyline is a brand that is constantly looking for dynamic products for furnishing the living-dining area and enhancing the space with contemporary multifunctional products with a functional design.

A rich catalog of dynamic products created by Easyline for great performances, the result of original ideas, is now available in our online store

Easyline furniture

Easyline is a brand that has given life to collections full of style, with furnishings equipped with great functionality and above all capable of lasting over time.

Easyline furniture includes modern tables and chairs, consoles, transformable tables, accessories, armchairs and design stools with aesthetics with attention to every detail and with a very competitive quality-price ratio.

The distinctive sign of each Easyline product is also the use of innovative and first choice materials, to create furniture with a unique charm and perfect for making every space fashionable and classy.

The brand is constantly searching for the creation of dynamic furnishings to furnish and enhance the space with contemporary-looking furniture featuring versatile and functional designs.

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