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Baby cots designed for your baby's maximum comfort. Colorful and with an elegant design, our cots can furnish any type of home and make your room warm and comfortable.

In our online store you can find: the Swing cradle / bed, the Micuna Claire cradle / bed or the Micuna BBSITTER model. These cots are perfect for your baby from the first months.

Child Cradle

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795 € - 1650 €
  • Available in 5/6 weeks 1 635,00 €

    The cradle of BBsitter, with its intelligent design and crying sensor, will learn which movements calm your baby to recreate his favorite sequences whenever necessary. Nobody knows more than a child as their parents, and therefore the parental mode, allows him to choose between the 6 movements available.Dimension:120 x 60 cm

    1 635,00 €
    Available in 5/6 weeks
  • Available in 5/6 weeks 798,00 €

    The innovative technology applied to the child's room thanks to the Touch control panel, a digital pendant printed directly on the wood. Magic Mum will facilitate your child's dream by projecting a beautiful galaxy of relaxing colors on the ceiling of the room or making a sweet lullaby sound.Dimension:120 x 60 cm

    798,00 €
    Available in 5/6 weeks
  • Available in 5/6 weeks 1 064,00 €

    A collection of children's furniture with a simple, minimalist but robust design. Where white is combined with the color of wood. A cradle that allows you to pamper your baby until it grows, because it turns into a comfortable bed.Dimension: 140 x 70 cmEquipped with Relax Sistem

    1 064,00 €
    Available in 5/6 weeks
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