Office Accessories

Office Accessories

The office is where you spend most time of your day. Desk accessories help us to organize.

So why not give to your work environment an elegant and refined atmosphere?

Office Needed Things

In the section you will find: adhesive tape holder or stapler for any type of sophisticated and modern studio.

Discover the collection from BartHome !!

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60 € - 75 €
  • Tom Dixon.

    Cube is a minimalist collection . The tape dispenser  Cube is made of zinc alloy and plated copper . . Its design is suitable for a study sophisticated and modern . This product is not a game , it is not recommended for children under 10 years .  Dimensions : 16x8.5cm

  • Tom Dixon.

    Cube by Tom Dixon made of zinc alloy and plated in copper has two thin recesses on the sides that allow a firm grip. Suitable for a sophisticated and modern study. Dimensions: 6 x 12 cm For any information, contact customer service.

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