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Discipline is a company with the aim of developing collections entirely Made in Italy, synonymous with conscious and sustainable choices.

The identity of the Discipline brand is symbolized by the use of natural materials, as an emblem of well-being. Natural materials are efficient, resistant, recyclable, biodegradable.

They require production processes with low environmental impact and are a guarantee of long-lasting functional and aesthetic functionalities.

We transmit these concepts through an essential and authentic design, capable of generating a sense of familiarity, but of surprise and emotion, in line with Italian quality and style.

The Discipline collection revolves around the idea of flexibility, versatility and adaptability, with a strong focus on domestic and public spaces.

The Discipline brand present in our Barthome online store recalls order and competence, creating a new generation of furnishings and accessories, to give a feeling to real life.

Discipline furniture

A life increasingly focused on respect and a natural need for harmony in everyday life.

The entire Discipline collection collects and returns the energy of natural materials and the essentiality of forms dictated by necessary needs, such as seats, lighting, hangers, mirrors and much more.

This is why each piece is built around materials chosen for their self-healing characteristics such as wood, cork, bamboo, glass, textiles and upholstery produced with sustainable processing.

A set of factors that converge in an aesthetic pleasure, also made up of tactile and olfactory emotions, which grow and adapt to a personal memory.

Using excellence in the construction of furniture and furnishings, these respond to the personality of the specific material and at the same time to the industrial logic, with processes guided in the same way by quality and creativity and in respect and attention to the final cost.

The result is a strong and precise identity, which is manifested in the furnishing accessories now available in our store, based on careful and incisive communication and modern distribution.
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