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Alivar The environment has a precise taste, it is a work in progress, not related to the individual product, but to the overall proposal.Two collections, Home Project and Brilliant Lifestyle, for contemporary living, which does not forget the past while looking to the future.Alivar is an Italian company founded in 1984 that produces furniture and furnishing accessories: sofas, chairs, tables, bookcases, beds, containers of various types. Alivar began its production by recovering great design pieces from the past.

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Even today Alivar reproduces the masterpieces of the greatest Italian architects and designers who have made the history of Italian forniture's style. Over the years, the company's production has been enriched with newly designed pieces, thanks to technological innovation and constantly using raw materials and semi-finished products of the highest quality. Each piece marketed by Alivar is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, a total guarantee of a product built with craftsmanship. For this reason Barthome offers a complete section of the Alivar brand which includes: sofas, armchairs, chairs, bookcases and various furnishing accessories.

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