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In 1990 Adriani & Rossi began designing and producing objects, initially for merchandising in the furniture sector, to then become a distribution company in Italy and abroad. The only company in the world that produces "Total Look", or any material, glass, ceramic, wood, carpets, lamps, paintings, metal in the same style, all strictly "Made in Italy or Europe", under the direct control of Adriani Rossi

The furnishings in our online store created by Adriani & Rossi capture the attention of every customer.
All products are resistant, compact and beautiful to look at and are able to meet certain functional parameters.

Adriani Rossi furniture

Adriani & Rossi products are made with the est materials, such as: material, glass, cebramic, wood, carpets, lamps, paintings, metal.

The many products you can take are necessary to modernize any corner of the house.

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