Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea
Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea
Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea
Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea
Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea
Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea
Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea
Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea

Coffee table Atmosphera Panarea

Panarea is a coffee table made entirely of glossy glazed ceramic, in the finishes terracotta, emerald green, aquamarine, olive. The technique used is called casting, which derives from the gesture of pouring into the clay mould.

Dimensions: Ø 46 x 56 h cm

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  • C001 - Emerald Green Glossy Glazed Ceramic
  • C002 - Glossy glazed ceramic Terracotta
  • C004 - Glossy glazed ceramic Oliva
  • C007 - Glossy glazed ceramic Acquamarina
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The technique used to make the product is called casting.‎ The name derives from the gesture of pouring liquid clay into a mould, which in technical terms is called "slip".‎ The plaster molds are made by to master craftsmen capable of creating modular elements, which create an empty shape, into which the slip is poured.‎ Gypsum has absorbent properties, therefore it dries the slip bringing it to a clayey solid state, but only when the product has reached the "leather hardness" can be extracted from the mold.‎ At this point the piece is ready for the first firing at 1080° in 24 hours, from this process we obtain the biscuit.‎
The biscuit has a white appearance and a percentage of absorption, here we can apply the glaze with manual airbrushes.‎ Once glazed, it goes back to firing for 24 hours at 980°; The handcrafted enamelling and this type of cooking give each piece a unique and handcrafted appearance, enhancing the ever-changing nuances in each element.‎


For the creation of Panarea a white earth is used, mixed with 30% Chamotte which increases the resistance in large pieces.‎ The chamotte is obtained by recycling already fired ceramic pieces, which for various reasons (such as second choices, accidental breakage of pieces, breakage during firing) would result in waste to be thrown away.‎ Another important note is the drying of the piece, which is forced only with sunlight or using the heat dispersed during the firing phases, this reduces electricity consumption or gas.‎ Solvents are not used for the production processes, but everything is conveyed with water, the latter re-enters the production processes thanks to a purifier.‎ The company undertakes to protect the environment by signing contracts for the supply of energy from renewable sources.‎

Product Details

56 cm
20.6 kg
46 cm


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