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The story of Linea Light Group begins in 1985, when Minulamp, Eva Stampaggi and Linea Light, three well-known companies in the lighting industry, blend together to create a new reality. Since then Linea Light Group has evolved to accommodate market changes but even more to anticipate them, constantly focusing on research and collaboration with designers and lighting designers to develop an increasing range of products dedicated to all areas. In fact the intuition about the extraordinary potential of the LED comes from an innate sensitivity of the company to pick up with new and better can be offered to an audience increasingly demanding and sensitive to issues of energy conservation and the preservation of the planet. Dedication, desire and passion have led Linea Light Group has become what is today: a modern company, a leading manufacturer of lighting equipment, an international company but whose factories continue to remain in Italy where the company has decided to continue to grow and invest, believing in the made in Italy, both in the production and as research. Only by knowing in depth the decisions of the Group if they can understand the success and understand the choice of his many overseas offices strategically located in major cities: irreplaceable contact points that allow it to care in the first more and more regular relationship with designers, which are constantly recommended in the choice of the best products to be used for the realization of those that are then become among the most important lighting designs of our days.

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