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For over thirty years ARMON carpets is present on the market of the oriental carpet with a growing attention in the choice of goods, so as to have the opportunity to offer customers the latest in design and quality.

Their philosophy is to always look for and everywhere in every producing country the best price-quality ratio and innovation. All the carpets are provided with CERTIFICATE of authenticity.

The company ARMON imports directly from the various countries of origin, able to provide unique specimens for their elegance and particularity.


The Armon line of rugs available on our online site offers a young and dynamic line.

Armon is a leading brand born from the consolidated experience in the manufacture of carpets, intended as an essential element in interior design.

For over thirty years, Armon Tappeti has been creating ever new lines linked to the dictates of design, in order to satisfy the requests of customers who are increasingly attentive to current trends.

Armon's philosophy consists in always looking for new elements and ideas to create high quality specimens, thanks to the experience of many years of serious and professional work. therefore offers a collection of Armon Carpets that is always young, innovative and unique in terms of elegance and particularity.

Come and discover all the products available in our dedicated section and choose the most suitable for you!

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