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B.lux chandeliers

B.lux, located in the Basque Country, is a leader in the production and distribution of contemporary design lamps. Design and its status as a producer are the cornerstones of its organizational strategy.

B.lux is a Spanish brand operating in the design lighting sector.

The company is a leader in the production of lamps with a contemporary design.

The strong design and their status as a producer are the cornerstones of the organizational strategy thanks to the collaboration with Italian designers such as Frattini and Porsche.

B.lux lighting

The combined use of several materials together becomes a distinctive feature of B.lux's selection of in-house lamps.

B.lux continues to work uninterruptedly with numerous designers to give life to lamps that tell, from time to time, a new story.

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  • Available in 5/6 weeks 1 116,52 €

    In 2003 David Abad designed the Ilde lamp for B.Lux, a highly effective suspension lamp. With its different light bulbs it creates a play of light effect. In addition to lighting Decora and furnishing with style the environment in which it is placed.Available finishes Chrome or Bronze.

    1 116,52 €
    Available in 5/6 weeks
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

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