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  • Glass 1989

    My Spa 215 is a spa hot tub with high performance and unique design. My Spa 215 can be easily installed without special hydraulic predispositions. With electronic control panel and an intuitive and easy to use function menu. Equipped with interchangeable nozzles, the seats are designed to offer a differentiated massage. Dimension: 215 x 215 x 92 h cm -...

  • Glass 1989

    My Spa 216/165 is a Spa hot tub with a unique design, versatile installation with high performance. Characteristic that distinguishes it is the easy installation without the need for special hydraulic arrangements. Just fill it and connect it to the power supply to enjoy all the desired design. Dimension: 216 x 165 x 72 h cm - 3 places

  • Glass 1989

    With high performance and unique design that distinguishes it, Glass's new Spa model can be easily installed without the need for hydraulic arrangements. Just fill them and connect them to the power supply to enjoy all the desired well-being. Equipped with interchangeable jets, the Glass hot tubs are easy and intuitive to use. Dimension: 186 x 186 x 90 h...

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