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Do you love cooking outdoors? Discover our collection of Barbecues for cooking outside on Sundays in the summer!

Electric, with charcoal, with gas... in BartHome website you can find a selection of barbecues to become the king of the grill!

Gas barbecue grill

Our barbecues are made with excellent materials without altering the organoleptic properties of the food. They are resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean.

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1470 € - 3825 €
  • BroilKing

    The Baron S 490 Led barbecue includes the rotisserie and is made with a high quality stainless steel dual-tube burner, stainless steel cooking chamber and cast aluminum side walls. Equipped with heavy cast iron cooking grill, 2.70 kw side burner, double removable lower drip pan and lowerable shelf. LED illuminated knobs.

  • BroilKing

    Regal S 510 Commercial is a gas barbecue with Dual Tube burner in AISI 304 stainless steel. Equipped with removable side shelves in stainless steel, drip pan, shelves. The ignition is piezoelectric. Including professional swivel wheel.

  • BroilKing

    Regal 490 is a Broil King gas barbecue with four dual tube burners, side burner, rotisserie, interior lights and led lighting knobs. The grids are in 9 mm stainless steel. Fixed side shelves and box with closure. Dimensions of the main cooking grid: 66 x 49 cm For any information, contact customer service.

  • BroilKing

    Regal 590 is a gas barbecue with rotisserie, back burner and side burner with internal lights and LED illuminated knobs. Flav-R-Wave stainless steel cooking system, with 5 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners. Fixed side shelves and box with closure.

  • BroilKing

    Regal XL 690 is a Broil King gas barbecue with rotisserie, back burner and side burner with internal lights and led lighting knobs. The grills are made of heavy cast iron reversible to obtain excellent cooking results. Completely made of stainless steel, the side walls are made of cast aluminum. Side tops equipped with bottle holders suitable for sauces.

  • BroilKing

    Baron 490 by Broil King is a gas grill with 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners. The cooking grills are made of resistant cast iron. Flav-R-Wave cooking system in stainless steel and electronic ignition. The 490 has side drop-down shelves in stainless steel and a closed cabinet base.

  • BroilKing

    Baron 590 is a gas barbecue with rotisserie, back burner, side burner. Heavy cast iron cooking grids for excellent cooking results. Made entirely of stainless steel for optimum heat retention and durability over time. Foldable and removable side shelves. Designed to optimize space.

  • BroilKing

    Imperial 590 is a gas barbecue with side burner, rotisserie, back burner and interior lights. The cooking surface is covered in porcelain and the stainless steel grills are stainless. Equipped with 5 steel Dual-Tube burners. With drawers, side shelves and wardrobe with door.

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