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According to Le Zie di Milano, quality consists in reducing and qualifying the ecological footprint. This philosophy has the desire to create products where the choice of materials, the processes of their use and their disposal meet the requirements of eco-sustainability. Act on the harmonization of production and logistic processes to reduce waste but also adapt products to the new standards of modern living by attributing to the products their personality for formal pleasantness and consistency of use, maintaining high quality and always alive the Aunts' relationship of Milan with customers.

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  • In Stock 228,69 €
    Le Zie di Milano

    Library available in different sizes. Aunt Ortenzia allows you to arrange books horizontally. The column structure, in fact, allows not only to be placed on the ground in self-standing or on a wall, but also suspended to have, with a single glance, the full view of their collection of books.

    228,69 €
    In Stock
  • In Stock 202,46 €
    Le Zie di Milano

    Vertical Library available in different sizes and compositions. A bookcase on which it is possible to arrange several books. The structure of the bookcase is made of solid natural or black stained beech wood. the shelves are in white satin steel. The hallmark of this bookshelf is the thin chopsticks that hold books that form a light geometry.

    202,46 €
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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