Liste des produits de la marque Riflessi


Each piece is the result of a single path, made of ingredients and "tastes" different, personal memories, life quotes lived, tradition and design, but also for listening and collaboration between different skills. All it synthesized by a totally production and strictly made in Italy.

• The entire production is carried out in our factories in Italy;

• Design, Technology and Research of the materials come from
architectural firms, engineers and Italian designers;

• The production process is subject to strict controls and strict
assessments before being put on the market.

Reflections continually invests in research for new materials and new technologies to make its proposals for furnishing and guarantee elegance and originality more and more practical and functional.
Reflections intensely lives its own territory and expresses love for his land with concrete gestures: the restoration and enhancement of craft techniques that are likely to be lost to the "zero kilometer philosophy", implemented by selecting a network of specialized suppliers in the territories.

To Reflections is a contemporary style, characterized by clean lines, "softened" by delicate decorative interventions made with special processing techniques, such as screen printing and hammering.

Do not just write "Made in Italy", we must live "made in Italy".

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