Liste des produits de la marque Atmosphera

Atmosphera acts as a reference for furnishing outdoor solutions dedicated to architects, interior designers, operators and private, operating successfully worldwide in hotel & resort industry, SPA and wellness centers, catering, tourism and residential.

Atmosphera is characterized by dynamic and contemporary design lines, for a style that wants to last in time and be recognizable and identification.

Rediscover the relationship with nature through direct experience and privileged observation of the environment. Conceive of outer space as the real space on a human scale, where time and matter come together in a dimensional one. The continuous search for innovative solutions exploring various situations, different cultures and complex markets: from the home to hospitality spaces, from the world of well-being to the care of public spaces in the workplace. This is the design and production challenge that guides us in the development of our products and projects, in the study of suitable materials EIn cur d and manufacturing details that make unique products we make. This is the philosophy that accompanies our quest for beauty and good living. This is our spirit, our soul of outdoor

Lit de soleil

Balancelle Atmosphera Switch

Fauteuils d'extérieur

Fauteuil Atmosphera Switch

Mobilier de jardin

Coussin Décoratif Atmosphera 70

Mobilier de jardin

Coussin Décoratif Atmosphera 60

Mobilier de jardin

Coussin Décoratif Atmosphera 35 x 45

Mobilier de jardin

Coussin Décoratif Atmosphera 50

Oreillers et plaids

Coussin Décoratif Atmosphera 40

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