Mogg: Previews and news of the Salone del Mobile 2022

Mogg: Previews and news of the Salone del Mobile 2022

2022 Collection has left a very strong mark on Mogg and, as a result, Mogg has produced wonderful and unique furnitures. Within its new collection come lamps, coffee tablesconsoles and clothes hanger.

Diva Lamp

Name says it all: Diva Lamp is ready to enhance your dining room with its hollywoodian look, like a true star. Thanks to its slender metal structure and adjustable elements with sound-absorbing properties, it captures the attention and embellishes the atmosphere of the house with a strong personality.

Console Pipelines

Characterized by geometric and essential lines, Pipelines consol is ideal to complete your living room harmony.

Bastaaa clothes hanger

Bastaaa clothes hanger owns an extravagant shape and is made of a handle in natural olive ash and a tip in cast brass with a glossy finish. Decorate your wall with playful style!

Olo Colours coffee table

With an almost primitive style, but certainly no less elegant, the Olo Colors Mogg coffee table is characterized by its simplicity. Designed by Antonio Facco, it is made of wood and concrete, consisting of a monolithic structure.

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