Discover with us how to create a modern garden: many proposals to furnish with style and transform your garden into a pleasant and functional space.


Those lucky enough to have a garden know how precious this space is. Getting up in the morning and having breakfast breathing clean air, reading a book with the rustling of leaves in the background, spending Sundays by the pool or on a green lawn is priceless. Barthome dedicates an entire theme to this theme sezione Outdoor, with selected products in the national and international scene just to allow you to create the garden you want.


If every home is born to make us feel free and safe, the house with garden brings with it an extra resource: that open-air room can perform multiple functions.

Everything depends on your needs, on the basic setting you would like to give to yours modern garden, from how you would like to use it: what matters, first of all, is to stop and realize that these extra meters are really an opportunity, a pleasant challenge to your - and our - creativity.


Every garden has a soul


Before create your modern garden, keep in mind that every garden has a soul: which furnishing elements could you insert, to make it truly unique? Each garden fulfills individual standards of aesthetic beauty and practical functionality. And then, if you are passionate about design, follow the trends of the moment, but consider them above all guidelines: the garden, more than ever, must be the space where you feel free (to be, to do, to furnish).

Size is important, but for create a modern garden dream is more important to your ability to optimize, to create angles that release personality, to identify the right furniture.

For this reason, dedicate adequate time to planning, look around and take inspiration ... Barthome offers you so many furnishing, to create the modern garden of your dreams.


Each garden has a function


How do you imagine spending time in your garden? What functions must it perform? Close your eyes and let your imagination flow, your modern garden must be an absolutely unique space. Here are some suggestions.


  • - A modern garden for outdoor cooking , from pasta to grilled meat


If there is an unexpressed cook in your DNA, or it's always up to you to prepare the dishes, what you need is an outdoor kitchen.

The Modern garden kitchens are really functional: they are modular kitchens , complete with sink, hob, barbecue, fridge and worktops, to satisfy all your needs. Outdoor trolleys, with wheels, complete the range.

Forget, in short, to go back and forth between inside and outside: everything you need to prepare an excellent lunch is at hand.




We offer you a modern island kitchen , the Drop series by Cane-Line, a British brand that has been producing outdoor furniture for over 25 years: we love this outdoor kitchen because it has simple and rounded shapes, a robust structure and an elegant line. The wooden insert, designed to define the base with sink, transmits naturalness and is useful for having spices and aromas always at hand.

  • - A modern garden to invite friends to dinner, help children with homework ...


In your family, lunches and dinners are an important moment, when you tell us about the day, or do you often invite friends to have fun around a nice barbecue with salad? Attention to the table, which is essential to encourage all this conviviality and must contain you all!

If you have enough space, we suggest you buy immediately a 12-person table : it's nice to look at and it's an invitation to stop and enjoy this good company. Otherwise you can opt for an extendable model.

We offer you the Drop aluminum table , with the Peacock chair designed by Foersom & Hiort-lorenzen (Cane-Line): made with a teak frame and a material resistant to all types of temperatures and to UV rays, it is perfect for welcoming family and guests.


Do you love wood and prefer to create a more natural effect? You can combine the same chairs with the Endless table, for an endless beauty.


  • -A modern garden to listen to good music, play a game of chess


Bare feet on the grass, mind free from all thoughts: if your modern garden is a space where you want to get away from everything and everyone, rediscover the deserved peace and rediscover the energies that suit you to you are essential solutions, in wood, with low tables and soft cushions. The right lighting becomes more fundamental than ever: warm lights, such as glass and wood lamps, create the right atmosphere.



For you we have chosen a Varaschin composition: the Venetian company proposes a made in Italy capable of combining ancient craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions. The Barcode Collection (Designer: Alessandro Dubini) includes a modular sofa, small sofas and coffee table made of FSC-certified plantation teak. Also available are the same line Barcode cot relax e la consolle.


  • - Sleep, sleep and then sleep again


Silence, don't ask for anything else. A space in which you won't be disturbed by anyone: your favorite magazine (or a book just started), a light blanket for the cooler hours, a pleasant shade. You can create this corner of paradise with three, two, one element only: the sofa is the perfect solution, but you have to choose the right one. If you also want to combine the table, even better.


It is not possible to remain indifferent to this Varaschin creation: Algarve sofa bed, in hand-woven synthetic fiber, on a white aluminum frame. The reclining canopy acts as a sunshade and protection, to ensure absolute relaxation. Alone you are comfortable, but do you prefer company? The dimensions (160 x160) allow one or more people to sleep comfortably. Because alone you are fine, but in two, sometimes, it's even better!

  • - A modern garden to sip an aperitif with friends, chat with friends

The beauty of the living rooms is that they are created to allow you to do nothing: at the beginning, the living room was the space of the house that was reserved for welcoming friends, for afternoon rest, for fun activities. Making a living room means "conversing on frivolous topics".

If you also think it is appropriate to dedicate a space to the reception of friends, can create a modern garden used exclusively for conviviality.


The solutions in this direction are innumerable. The collection catches the eye Babylon, with structure in aluminum and hand-woven synthetic fiber.


The composition is also suggestive Tonkino. Here colors, soft shapes, unusual details and expertly combined materials come into play to create a comfortable and original modern garden.

If you prefer to create a modern informal garden, where you can lie comfortably on the grass and spend unforgettable moments in contact with nature, you could opt for the Pouf Cane Line .



The coffee table, On the Move, it is trendy, light and practical, with a handle that is easy to grasp and move. Made of aluminum, it easily turns into a serving tray.

  • - A modern garden for sunbathing by the pool, relaxing in the sun

To combat the summer heat there is nothing better than a dip in the water. But even by the pool you are very well! And then for your modern garden carefully choose a spacious, comfortable sofa bed, which allows you to spend days in the sun in maximum relaxation.



Among many solutions, this is really suggestive: it is about Daybed Peacock! Spacious, with a modern line, it is made of a material resistant to all climates and is supplied with a teak coffee table that can be combined with the parasol. The light gray cushions create a pleasant contrast with the texture. 

Here we are at the end of this journey: create yours giardino moderno, with Barthome, it's really beautiful, because you can choose from lots of furniture, the most prestigiousBrand.

We have proposed some solutions, but we have lots of ideas: visit the site in the section Shop e contact us to know more! You'll find sofas, beds, armchairs, parasols, chairs, ottomans, showers, vases and planters, braziers, stools made with innovative materials, destined to last over time.

Create your modern garden with Barthome, we are waiting for you!

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