Bontempi Casa: Innovation, creativity and imagination

Bontempi Casa: Innovation, creativity and imagination

Bontempi Casa has introduced to its fans/buyers a new collection full of surprises and news. The motto is inspired by the exposition recently made at the Furniture expo 2022, and it says: “More environments, but a single space “. This is the concept that marks Bontempi’s products and their purpose. Creativity and imagination are fundamental to this important Brand.

Renoir Mirror

Realized in different sizes ad shapes, Renoir mirror is one of Bontempi’s latest products. It owns great class and elegance, and it can be arranged vertically or horizontally and it is ideal to complete your living look, because it offers excellence and shininess.

Artistico Table

Artistico Table has different kind of models. Its top is made of sturdy crystal and it can be clear or scratchproof: it is perfect to host important lunches and dinners. The mighty structure is made of steel, and it holds with great daintiness the solid top, and it seems like a majestic oak’s bark and crown.

Aida Chair

The main aim of this chair is to complete your dining room look. It’s just for you! It is characterized by simple lines, but no less elegant, and it can coordinate perfectly with the surrounding environment, because it is versatile and flexible to different styles, from retrò to modern.

Circle Lamp

A triumphant arch that stays upon your head  while you are relaxing after a long day. Circle Lamp recalls a monumental portent, that enriches your living zone. Its base has a concrete spherical shape and it locks the agile structure: put this all together and… you’ll get a piece of art! If you want to get a strong scenographic impact or receive expressions of astonishment from guests, Circle Lamp is ideal for you!

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