Idee regalo casa design

Idee regalo casa design

10 home gift ideas

Not long left until Christmas and, in order not to waste your precious time, we decided to draw up a list of 10 home gift ideas to amaze the people you love the most.

For each category of home gift ideas, you will find 4 different products divided by price range. Starting from cheap home gift ideas up to the most sought after.


  1. Jars and vases

Do not choose the usual vase, but let yourself be inspired by the proposals for home design gift ideas by Dutch Bone, Light Home, Calligaris or Adriani and Rossi, for example. The home design gift ideas are perfectly enclosed in vases with unusual shapes or sizes designed to amaze every day.

Go for a fluo color, like those proposed by Plust Collection, to give a touch of color in a minimal and total white environnement. Opt for the colors of the Earth, such as copper, browns and gold if you want to follow the trend design for next year instead.


2. Clocks

No longer just a tool to keep an eye on time, but a piece of furniture that in recent years has increasingly become a cult object making it the perfect modern home gift idea idea. For example, the super original Zuiver table pendulum clock can be now purchased for less than € 50!

The clock goes beyond simple functionality, thus becoming part of the most popular modern home gift ideas. The prices of these design pieces can vary a lot, but among our proposals you can also find those for cheap home gift ideas.


3. Lamps

Lamps as well are part of all that array of home design gift ideas that can please and amaze everyone. If you are looking for home gifts for friends and, above all, if the friend in question loves the characters of Marvel, with the table lamp Kubedesign Ted Spider you will make a great impression.

Anyhow, the important thing is to know well the tastes of the person who will receive the gift. Because it's true that the thought that count, but if our home design gift ideas are appreciated it's even better! To be on the safe side, Nemo Lamps are one of our bestsellers, just to let you know


4. Rugs, mats and carpets

The carpet is that piece of furniture that should never be underestimated. Each house becomes a home with the right carpet and for this reason it is one of the top home design gift ideas. Find the good ispiration with colors, shapes and sizes.

The Sitap carpet brand offers a huge range of modern home gift ideas in a wide range of prices. The Capri line, for example, can be the perfect cheap home gift idea. If your budget is higher, let yourself be fascinated by the unusual proposal of Mogg: a carpet that cleverly mixes sinuous and non-sinuous lines.


5. c
lothes hangers

Raise your hand if you do know friends or family members who do not have a clothes hanger! How many times have you entered a house and then been escorted to a service room to leave your coat there? So, time has come for home design gift ideas that are also useful!

Whether they are to be screwed to the wall, to lean against the wall or freestanding, it does not matter! What matters is to give a noticeable one of! And, among our proposals for modern home gift ideas, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect one.


6. Mirrors

Object of design and vanity, the mirror is part of the modern home gift ideas ideal for all the undecided ones. Lately, differtent types of mirrors are proposed and they go beyond the simple use for which they were designed but are excellent allies even when it comes to giving more light to dark environments or to enlarge the smaller ones.

Among the models selected here for you, two also have other features. Bonaldo one, for example, also serves as a shelf and hanger, while the iconic Cattelan model not only reflects you but time as well.


7. Centerpiece

Simple, classy and available in different materials. The centerpieces can be one of the home design gifts ideas that you have been looking for a long time for the couple who has been living together for a few months. The centerpiece of Adriani & Rossi “Onda” is definitely one of our favorites: unique and refined, it is made of polished glazed ceramic.

Decorative elements or candle holders, as well as trays are part of all that series of cheap home gift ideas but that certainly would not go unnoticed.

Bottle Holder

With the bottle rack, you’ll go on the safe side. Super effective, this is the home design gift idea with which you are sure to always make a good impression. Little matter if it is an inveterate bachelor or the most close-knit couple, because anyone - especially in a festive period like this - would want to make a toast with you!

Whether it is a frappeuse or a bottle holder to hang on the wall or to show off on the kitchen counter, it is a useful and practical modern home gift idea. In fact, it is an object with a strong visual impact and perfect to embellish any environment.

9. Unusual house design gift ideas

If you have a small budget, here are some of our home design gift ideas at an affordable price! Calligaris moneybox proposals, for example, are among those home gifts for friends for all those always ready to leave and who daily put aside the rest of their working lunch.

Amaze your mother or uncle with a paperweight out of the ordinary to further enrich their study or surprise your girlfriend with a fluorescent umbrella stand with a Lego shape! In short, cheap home gift ideas, but with a guaranteed wow effect!

10. Free your imagination

If these home design gift ideas have not convinced you, then you should leave room for your imagination. Check out the various sections of our site to find the perfect item to donate this Christmas and let yourself be inspired by our selection of design products!

We hope to have been useful for your search for the perfect gift and have given you some good modern home gift ideas to find the perfect ispiration!

…Merry Christmas!


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