Design chairs, to live between beauty and comfort.

The Connubia line, signed Calligaris , is dedicated to tables and chairs, considered elements fundamentals of dining together: when we are around a table, they take life unique moments, so it is important to choose sessions that suggest sharing and complicity .

That's why the chairs Connubia are special and deserve special attention in sector: this philosophy, which combines design and functionality, combines one continuous material experimentation and an advanced aesthetic research.

The result is design chairs who combine ancient know-how and technology, tradition and avant-garde, perfect to accompany us in everyday life, between home and garden.

In the section Chairs you can select many proposals of the Connubia Calligaris line, in promotion absolute. In this article we present four of them, particularly appreciated by our customers

CONNUBIA ACADEMY, the most sinuous

Academy is a chair with simple and sinuous shapes, suitable to every environment. The seat is in polypropylene, the metal structure. The There are about a hundred available variables, in addition to the color variants, it is You can choose between four-leg frame, revolving frame, round bar intertwined and lots of other bases. Ideal for indoor and outdoor.


height 83-45 cm

width 44.5 cm

depth 51 cm

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CONNUBIA ARGO, the stackable.

Light but robust, modern and stackable: these are the Argo most precious features, suitable for both indoors and outdoors. There surface is slightly embossed, rough to the touch, thanks to the technique "Airmoulding" (injection molding). It is a monocoque chair, entirely in polypropylene, particularly resistant to chemical agents and weather. Seven color variations: Mustard, optical white, red, dove gray, hazelnut, black, sky blue.


Height 82-46 cm

Width 48 cm

Depth 47 cm

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Philadelphia is a fine chair with a wooden structure solid beech. The high backrest, with slightly curved vertical slats, and the upholstered seat give the chair a refined look and make it particularly suitable for living rooms and dining rooms. Both the structure and the seat they are available in various colors and finishes.


Height 101.5 cm - 46 cm

Width 45 cm

Depth 52.5 cm

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CONNUBIA ACE, the most versatile

ACE is a perfect solution for the kitchen, but also for the bar and restaurant environment, thanks to the versatile proposals ranging from simple chair with stool with footrest. The structure is made of metal backrest is particularly comfortable, the seats are available in different materials and finishes.


Height 82 cm - 47 cm

Width 42 cm

Depth 45 cm

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  • Design chairs particularly suitable for everyday life, ergonomic and functional

  • Versatile collection: i There are many models available, suitable for furnishing any room with taste of the house, office or garden. Moreover, thanks to the infinite variations it is possible create original combinations of structure and seating, with solutions custom for every need.

  • Resistant over time, result of carefully selected materials and worked carefully. Among the main ones we point out the plastic materials (polypropylene, styrene acrylonitrile, polycarbonate, nylon) which allow to create original shapes and they guarantee high resistance to external agents and wood solid, coming from responsibly managed forests and worked artfully.

  • Result of processing techniques innovativ e: this aspect concerns both the structures and the sessions. The fabrics are pleasant to the touch and, thanks to the special anti-stain treatments they are subjected to, remain unchanged over time. Specific treatments they are designed to guarantee maximum sanitation (the result is seated antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties.)

  • Accessible design: although it is a excellent product, the Connubia line is the spokesman of a convenient design.

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