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Pianca is an industrial company established itself in the field of systems and furnishings for the home, for living and sleeping areas.
The company was founded immediately after the war by Enrico Pianca in Gaiarine, in the province of Treviso, in the heart of what would become the Furniture District.
It means experience, mastery, and this results in quality. We draw on the strong tradition of cabinet Venetian: traveling back in time, we come to the old workshop of a carpenter in the late sixteenth century take on the surname Pianca from the stream that fed the mill shop. A craft epic set to continue even when Enrico Pianca, in the 50s, introduced the first machines and mass production, helping to form what would later become the first Italian furniture district.
In order to improve people's lives. This is why we chose to work with cutting-edge designers who shared this value by bringing together the most diverse experiences and knowledge in order to create functional things, competitive and a beauty that lasts forever. It is thanks to this meticulous research that Pianca brand has become synonymous recognized quality at the right price, without compromise.

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